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Clear Trails clients are eligible

for a 25% discount

on new Houzz Pro subscriptions!

Coming soon... QBO Canada and Houzz Pro integration!

The sled dog's job has many similarities to the work we do to build our businesses and help them succeed. Breaking trail with new companies, pulling as a team to maintain a thriving business, and using our expertise as leaders to make insightful decisions on new directions!

Our most recent rescue, Kayla, came from a northern Quebec community, and she has all the typical characteristics of a sled dog. Because of my interest in giving Kayla a great retired sled dog life, I researched, and happened upon a musher who raises the bar on what is the best of the sport, because of her care and love of the dogs: Blair Braverman

What's with all the sled dogs? 

I have always been fascinated by working dogs. They love what they do and just want to keep on doing it - becoming experts at their jobs in the process!

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